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Purim Months In The Jewish Calendar 2024

Written by Juan Stafford Mar 28, 2023 ยท 3 min read
Purim Months In The Jewish Calendar 2024

<strong>What is Purim?</strong>

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Purim Months in the Jewish Calendar 2024

What is Purim?

Purim is a Jewish holiday that commemorates the salvation of the Jewish people from Haman, who was planning to kill all the Jews in the Persian Empire during the fifth century BCE. It is celebrated on the 14th of the Hebrew month of Adar, which usually falls in February or March in the Gregorian calendar.

When is Purim in 2024?

Purim in 2024 will be celebrated on Thursday, March 14th and Friday, March 15th.

The Purim Months

The month of Adar is the twelfth and final month in the Jewish calendar. However, in leap years, a thirteenth month called Adar II is added to ensure that the holidays fall in their proper seasons. Purim is celebrated in Adar, but in leap years it is celebrated in Adar II.

Why is Purim celebrated in Adar?

Purim is celebrated in Adar because it is the month in which the Jews were saved from Haman's plot. The holiday is celebrated on the 14th of Adar, but in cities that were walled at the time of Joshua, it is celebrated on the 15th of Adar, known as Shushan Purim.

The Celebration of Purim

How is Purim celebrated?

Purim is celebrated by reading the Megillah, which is the story of Esther, in the synagogue. It is customary to dress up in costumes, give gifts of food to friends and family, eat a festive meal, and donate to charity.

What is the significance of dressing up in costumes?

The tradition of dressing up in costumes on Purim is said to represent the idea that God's presence is hidden in the world, just as Esther's identity was hidden from the king. By dressing up, we acknowledge that things are not always as they seem and that there is a deeper reality beyond what we can see.

The Message of Purim

What is the message of Purim?

The message of Purim is that even in the darkest of times, God is always with us and will ultimately save us from our enemies. It is a reminder that we should have faith in God and trust that He will guide us through difficult times.

How does the message of Purim apply to us today?

The message of Purim is still relevant today. It teaches us that we should never give up hope, even when things seem hopeless. It reminds us that even when we face challenges and adversity, we can trust that God is with us and will help us overcome our obstacles.


Purim is a joyous holiday that celebrates the salvation of the Jewish people. It is celebrated in the month of Adar, and in leap years, in Adar II. The holiday is a reminder of the importance of having faith in God and trusting that He will guide us through difficult times. By celebrating Purim, we can be inspired to face our own challenges with courage and hope.

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