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How To Create A Group Calendar In Sharepoint 2024

Written by Mable Stanley Aug 22, 2022 ยท 3 min read
How To Create A Group Calendar In Sharepoint 2024

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SharePoint is a powerful collaboration tool that allows teams to work together efficiently. One of its most useful features is the ability to create group calendars. Having a shared calendar can help teams stay organized, stay on schedule and avoid conflicts. In this article, we'll show you how to create a group calendar in SharePoint 2024.

Step 1: Create a New Calendar

The first step to creating a group calendar in SharePoint 2024 is to create a new calendar. To do this, navigate to the site where you want to create the calendar and click on the "Site Contents" link. From there, click on "Add an app" and select "Calendar".

Question: Can I Create Multiple Calendars for Different Teams?

Yes, you can create multiple calendars for different teams. Simply repeat the steps above for each team or department.

Step 2: Customize Your Calendar

Once you've created your new calendar, you can customize it to meet your team's needs. You can add custom fields, set up recurring events, and choose a color scheme to make it easier to read.

Question: How Do I Add Custom Fields to My Calendar?

To add custom fields to your calendar, click on the "Calendar" tab at the top of the page and select "List Settings". From there, you can add new fields and choose the type of data you want to collect.

Step 3: Share Your Calendar with Your Team

Now that you've created and customized your calendar, it's time to share it with your team. To do this, click on the "Calendar" tab and select "Calendar Permissions". From there, you can choose who has access to your calendar and what level of access they have.

Question: Can I Share My Calendar with People Outside of My Team?

Yes, you can share your calendar with people outside of your team. Simply add their email address to the calendar permissions list and choose the level of access you want to grant them.

Step 4: Add Events to Your Calendar

Now that your calendar is set up and shared with your team, it's time to start adding events. To do this, simply click on the day you want to add an event to and fill in the details. You can set a time, location, and description for each event.

Question: Can I Set Up Recurring Events?

Yes, you can set up recurring events. Simply click on the "Recurring" checkbox when creating a new event and choose the frequency and duration.

Step 5: View Your Calendar

Once you've added events to your calendar, you can view them in a variety of ways. You can view your calendar by day, week, or month, and you can also filter events by team member or event type.

Question: Can I Export My Calendar to Other Applications?

Yes, you can export your calendar to other applications such as Outlook or Google Calendar. Simply click on the "Calendar" tab and select "Connect to Outlook" or "Connect to Google Calendar".


Creating a group calendar in SharePoint 2024 is a great way to keep your team organized and on schedule. By following these simple steps, you can create a customized calendar that meets your team's needs and share it with the people who need access. With a group calendar, you'll never miss an important meeting or deadline again.
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